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... or not. Not 100% sure but the higher ups have requested a mandatory, in person meeting tomorrow morning with no explanation. Some of my colleagues have suggested reasons for this which would make sense except we already had a meeting scheduled for the next week. The only reason to do it this week is because its midway through the month and that's when layoffs work best for payroll. I'll be updating monster tonight while I work what I suspect is my last shift up until the meeting and looking for jobs. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.

Overdue update

Haven't had a lot of time to post lately. I've been dealing with my new Chinese co-workers / trying to learn some Chinese, (I can speak like an infant sitting in a high-chair gleefully calling out the few words it knows). A few people are getting laid of this week or next so that's a little high-stress. Also the GECK released allowing PC users to edit/create their own content for Fallout 3! It now has the majority of my non-work focus. Its awesome!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a fantastic holiday. I'll be internet free for a few days at my folks ;-( but having a good time anyway.


So I'm working the holiday which I don't mind because I don't have family in the area. Plus I can get Christmas off by working Thanksgiving and the day after. The other part of my plan, working T day, T day +1, and New Years Day is that I won't have to work Labor Day because I'll have worked so many holidays already. Yeah, I place Labor Day in equal importance with Christmas... D-con baby!

So I'm well behind on the newly released video games I want to play again. Fable 2 was fun but easy and short. Fallout 3 has consumed my life. I think I pulled a muscle in my left thumb from playing so much. Time to relax a bit before diving head long into another game.


Long live video games

So I haven't been writing here nearly as much as I hoped to. My night shift got cut back so we're now usually insanely busy most nights, (not going to complain about that too much, its better than being bored to tears).  I've also been trying to learn Chinese so I can communicate effectively with my new overlords. No but seriously some of my group is being outsourced to China, mostly my night shift so it'll help when I have to interact with someone who barely speaks English.

Enough about that, the vg industry has really come through this fall with a line up of games that look good and/or I've been waiting months/years for.

I breezed through Force Unleashed pretty quickly despite the horrible controls. I give it a rating of meh...

Saint's Row 2 is a blast but I've reached the inevitable vehicle chase mission separating me from the end of the game and as other games I want to play are coming out it'll get put on hold until I have some hours to spend screaming obscenities and breaking controllers. Fable 2 is a lot of fun even though I'm trying to beat it before Fallout 3 comes out on Tuesday. A couple of things about the game or perhaps signs I'm too suspicious for my own good. The old blind woman who sets you on your path to becoming a hero sounds a lot like the old blind woman in KOTOR 2 that sets you on your.... Naturally I don't trust her at all once I came to that conclusion. I've now had my loveable dog companion for what I have to assume is 30 years at this point. The thing shows no signs of slowing down, figured in dog years its getting very suspicious. I'm holding off on Dead Space and Silent Hill for now until I beat the ones I have.

Use the force...

So I finally got around to looking at the pictures I took at Dragon Con... some of them came out slightly blurry and I wondered what was wrong with my camera. Upon some reflection I don't think anything was. Now that I think about it I was either hungover, or drunk while taking pictures, usually using only one hand as I had a drink in the other. Oh well, I'll get around to uploading the salvageable pics here at some point.

Though The Force Unleashed is getting mixed reviews, I'm having a blast with the game. I cannot describe the amount of sadistic glee I derive from holding a stormtrooper upside down over a nigh bottomless pit. The Darkside had me at hello. I can do the hero thing in other games but as soon as Star Wars becomes involved I can't help myself. Bottom line, the price of my soul is choking people with my mind or shooting lightning from my fingertips.

No more vacation

Vacation was good despite all the tech support stuff for my parents. I managed to flip back to a night schedule pretty effortlessly. I had two ga-zillion emails waiting for me as expected. I filed most of them into the trash unread, if its that important someone will print it out and sew it onto my chest, right?

My mom has a new mac which was fun to mess around with even though I'm a dyed in the wool PC fanatic. The i-touch they gave her for free with the computer was even more fun to mess with. Of course after I figured it out I had to pass on my wisdom, set up an itunes account for her and show her how to download NPR podcasts... I totally want one. I'm not going to spend money on one however, I'll be too busy stuffing cash into my mattress.


Sweet home Chicago...

Vacation time again. I'll be heading to Chicago to spend some time with the parents. Should be a good time aside from setting up a wireless network for the macs. Nothing against macs but I don't use em and I miss my right click options when I try and do tech support for my parents. Grrr...

This vacation is well timed as I get to miss my monthly staff meeting as well. Those are really painful. My bosses have all the pertinent new info I'll need and deliver it for the most part. However everyone else is encouraged to "contribute". So what could have been 20 minutes of valuable info becomes 2 or more hours of people finding reasons to talk. Needless to say I'm pretty excited about missing it.



The weekend was fantastic, but back to work... So apparently when some upstart hurricane makes landfall and destroys all in its path its bad for phone/internet/power systems. My first day back was busy to say the least. But, at least the shift went by quickly.